Best East Coast Vacation Spots
East Coast Vacation Spots You Never Considered

5 Best Places To Vacation On The East Coast

Diposting pada – Summer has arrived and you still do not have any idea of where to go. Well, you are just like many other people who become too confused for choosing the right place for summer holiday. But what if your perfect destination is just right near you? Yes, enjoy best places to vacation on the East Coast with family and friends. Of course, beautiful beaches are what you enjoy from the dawn to the evening. Choose one or more places we have specifically listed for you.

Best Vacation Destinations on America’s East Coast

Here is a list of 5 Best East Coast Vacation Spots:

Shelter Island in New York

Do you know that New York has actually a great place for summer holiday? This place is called Shelter Island and is located between the Hamptons and North Fork. It may not be too far from the city crowds but it definitely has the feel of being peace and quiet. This island has many things to offer from the hiking paths to enjoy the farms to the golden sand beaches. Spoil yourself with the amazing cuisine made from fresh local seafood.

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Brewster, Cape Cod in Massachusetts

This time, Massachusetts presents one of its areas for a perfect holiday. Known as Brewster, this place is located in elbow of the town Cape Cod. It is known for being a beautiful classic New English flair. Of course, the local fish and chips dish is so popular in this place just like what you find in the Britain. Made from the fresh local cod fish, the dish is undoubtedly delicious to enjoy with a glass of beer. You can spend your day in any corners in Brewster including on its beautiful beaches like Crosby Landing.

St. Michaels in Maryland

Come to Maryland and enjoy the low-key escape, St. Michaels with your family. This wonderful place is not far from Baltimore, Philly or Washington D.C. It is a place full of history and beautiful architecture buildings. Learn the history of slave-turned abolitionist in the St. Michaels Museum and continue by wandering the side streets where you can find various selections of edited antique shops. In the evening, enjoy the local nighttime bars with the locals while savoring on the best Italian dishes this place has to offer from balsamic pizza to arugula and oak-fired prosciutto.

Martha Vineyard in Massachusetts

Again, Massachusetts has a perfect place for enjoying a holiday. Known as Martha’s Vineyard, this place is a perfect getaway spot that is located near the city of Cape Cod. This particular island offers many things to explore and enjoy. You should use the Fuji carbon bike to enjoy and explore everything this island has. Of course, the vineyards should be on your list. After a biking across the island, stop at the golden-sand beaches with crystal blue water and craggy cliffs. Do not forget to enjoy dinner at the restaurant called L’etoile for the best dishes and desserts.

Nantucket, Massachusetts

Apparently, Massachusetts has become more popular in the last few years. This time, you can enjoy the famous Nantucket, a place that was once become the Quaker capital. Enjoy a laid back holiday while enjoying the best local cuisines at the best local restaurants like Galley Beach and Something Natural.

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