8 Funny Moment Indian Matchmaking Face Reader
8 Funny Moment Indian Matchmaking Face Reader

8 Funny Moment Indian Matchmaking Face Reader

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droppbuy.com- 9 Funny Moment Indian Matchmaking Face Reader. Netflix’s latest reality show Indian Matchmaking has caught the attention of urban Indian audiences, and they love the random comedy the show has to offer.

The show has an interesting cast of personalities starting with matchmaker Sima Tapalia. Over the course of the series’ eight episodes, especially with its well-placed breaks and music choices, it’s hard to believe this wasn’t designed as a comedy.

I understand, but it works in an ironic way for many viewers. With that in mind, we’ve listed the 10 funniest things we’ve seen in Indian matchmaking.

1. “I am Sima from Mumbai”

“I am Sima from Mumbai” has now reached a level of internet discourse worthy of its own T-shirt. I think the creators knew they had a gold commodity on hand when they decided to keep the line “I’m Sima from Mumbai” in every episode.

2. If you decide you’re stubborn

Meet face reading expert Janardhan Dhurbe for the first time on the second episode of Indian Matchmaking. Now Dhurbe is very professional and just looks at a picture of a person and describes that person’s personality in detail, but here he tells everyone he sees “Yeh bahut ziddi hain” (you are You’re very stubborn).

3. When Aparna hates everything

I support Aparna for her independent spirit, but in her aunt she expects her to adjust/compromise for her marriage. There is none. But come on, who knew there were people who hated so many things? Well, thanks to Aparna, we all do now! “Did you know I hate comedy” is now a meme and for granted.

From the beach she hates to the outdoors to comedy to relaxation to work, Aparna has to talk about everything she hates (even if she hates it) on her podcast.

4. “Loser Shrini”

Right after Aparna’s first date with Shrini, there is a scene where her family and Sima are talking about a bad date. Aparna explained why Srini was no match for her, and her mother said, “Srini, you’re a failure. Who rejects someone so quickly, even in front of a camera?

When Sima Vivi wanted Aparna to change her ‘speech’ >>. The chemistry between Sima and Aparna’s mother is immediately apparent in her shoulder performance, and Sima proves it when discussing their latest “Bad Vibes.”

5. Praduman meets Life Coach

The scene where Praduman meets Life Coach is strange to say the least. While receiving candid life advice, Praduman asked women, “You meet a lot of people, but what do girls really want?” Women should be themselves.

6. “Do you like mammals?”

When Praduman first dated Rushari, I was laughing the whole time. The sheer awkwardness of a first date combined with bizarre dialogue makes for excellent cringeworthy content.

Here the cake is won when Pradhuman asks Rushari if she likes animals, she replies “yes” and he replies “do you like mammals or sea creatures?” The poor girl is so overwhelmed by the question that she only answers “animals”.

Netflix Matchmaking India Pradhuman and Rushari’s first date is the scariest date of the entire show.

7. If Geeta turns out to be another Sima

Another matchmaker She is introduced as a progressive matchmaker when Geeta appears in her Ankita storyline. He’s a far cry from Sima’s approach, and one gets the impression that he believes in understanding someone. He surprised Ankita and us with his upside down personality.

8. Akshay’s Mother, Decision Maker

This show is about a man and a woman looking for a partner, but the best conversation is with Akshay’s mother, Preeti. “This year you will get married, next year you will have a baby,” I rolled on the floor for 10 minutes. “They” refers to the eldest son and eldest daughter. As soon as Preeti says so, there’s a photo of her laughing daughter-in-law, which makes me laugh even more.

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