Charlie Wade 4673-4674 Full Bab
Charlie Wade 4673-4674 Full Bab

Charlie Wade 4673-4674 Full Bab

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droppbuy.comCharlie Wade 4673-4674 Full Bab. A female shopper said the blanket between the women quickly overwhelmed Elaine.

He felt that the shopping guide had some chemical energy. Certain chemical reactions with the eardrum produce large amounts of dopamine that travel directly to the head through the blood.

Simply put, that’s too much.

This sensation is like a young man learning to smoke, grabbing an old man’s dry cigarette bag and picking up a long twig. Not only
but also a little dizzy.

He was so happy that he couldn’t keep his mouth closed. When he saw her shopping guide for this woman, he fell in love with her even more.
Suna is really good at complimenting her. He has been his brother-in-law for decades and was able to quietly speak to his sister as soon as he turned his head.

But if you really want to compare yourself to the female shopping guide in front of you, souna is the best little brother.

So, Elaine then asked the female shopping guide excitedly: “Hey, girl, what kind of necklace should I wear that suits my temperament?”

The shopping guide then said without hesitation: “I think with your temper, you will become a treasure to our town shop, no matter what!”

After he finished speaking, he said very quickly, “Wait a minute, Mom, I will find our store manager in the back to open the safe and also show you the treasures of the town’s shops!”

As soon as the voice fell, the female shopping guide then hurriedly got up and went to the office area at the back.

In the office area, the store manager was watching the conversation between the female shopping guide and Elaine in real time through the storefront monitoring. When the female shopping guide came in, she quickly said, “Oh, how can you give her the treasure from our town shop…”

The female shopping guide said with a surprised expression: “Manager, this is not what you asked for, let me deceive the woman as much as possible to spend more money? Then just take it one step at a time and find a way to make him buy our town’s treasure shop.”

The shop manager waved his hand: “Oh, the treasure of the city shop is more than 7 million, how can he buy it?

As far as I know, the capital is at most 500,000 and you can find a way to buy emeralds. The goddess’s dream of selling it is over.

The store manager was surprised and said: “The store manager … you did a very good intellectual job. Do you even know how much money he has?”

store manager “I also have others Help, it must be kept secret! In short, if you find a way to get him to spend 500,000 yuan in our store, I will immediately charge you 100,000 yuan If that’s not enough, you’ll do anything to get him to spend all the money, it doesn’t matter if you lower the price or trick him directly, you can play Masu, and I bear the burden!

“OK!” The shopping guide nodded and waved, “Leave it to me.”

The store manager also said: “By the way, when you’re done shopping, say you can come to the lottery after lunch. The first prize is worth 1.2 million! Prizes are available, but the lottery is still available. In a quick process, Delivery is after 1 pm, so you can claim the jackpot when you win the lottery in the afternoon.

The shopper was surprised and asked, “Manager, what is the background of this woman?

Lots of money … “The real thing is not from me, but from the great man,” said the
store manager. You work well together and profit when it’s all over! The
shopping guide nodded wisely and said to the store manager: First of all, you have to ask for the treasure of the shop in the town. Otherwise I can’t explain when it comes out. “

Charlie wade 4674

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