Charlie Wade 4653-4654 Full Bab
Charlie Wade 4653-4654 Full Bab

Charlie Wade 4653-4654 Full Bab

Diposting pada– Charlie Wade 4653-4654 Full Bab . Charlie also knows that Anzia’s crisis made her feel itself today, but her identity must be the focus of Anzia’s attention.

With the power of the An family, if you really follow the prompts to investigate, it’s only a matter of time before you start Stefanie Sun or Fei Kexin.

So I don’t have to stop Anne Jia from checking. I have to make sure Anne Jia doesn’t check.

So he said to Faye Kexin, “After you have safened Anne’s family, you have to explain, oh, warn them, never check my identity. Don’t, just say I’m a polite person, no, I like to be known, but I don’t like being investigated, otherwise the results are at your own risk “Don’t worry, Mr. Wade!”

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Charlie looked at Jay again and said “Heavy tonight” seriously.

jay merasa tersanjung dan berkata, “Tuan. Wade, kamu terlalu sopan. Thank you for your attention. We will surely deliver trust!

Charlie nodded and said to Zuri. “Zuri, your job now is not to have any impact on the concert in Stefanie Sun. When the concert is over, hurry up and contact the family of the deceased employee to arrange proper retirement and rest. Don’t let them dig up this problem.

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Zuri hesitated and said, “Master. Wade … if the family disagrees and insists on an explanation …”

Charlie said seriously: ” I will pay because the person has given US $ 10 million. At the same time, I need to clarify a serious relationship with him. Family.

You can also report the problem to the police, but NYPD will do you. Rarely help. Justice, and if they call the police, they will take revenge on the mastermind behind the scenes. It’s not sensational.

After all, the level of ferocity of this organization was unprecedented. They don’t mind people calming down. Family, they don’t even tend to take it seriously. 」

charlie wade 4654

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