Arti dan Kepanjangan Semut Adalah?
Arti dan Kepanjangan Semut Adalah?

Arti dan Kepanjangan Semut Adalah?

Diposting pada– Arti dan Kepanjangan Semut Adalah?? Eaning of the word ant in the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI)-Recently, the use of the word in speeches and explanations has become widespread, with many rarely used words.

So sometimes you don’t understand the meaning of these words. Use the word ant. The use of these words can be seen in the real world as well as in cyberspace such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter on social media or chat-based applications such as Line, BBM and WhatsApp.

But do you know the actual definition of the word ant so that you can understand it when reading sentences that contain the word? Below is a description and meaning of the word ant based on the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI) Online.

The meaning of the word ant in the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI) is se.mut n Crawling, a small living insect. In a group. It is composed of several species, including the ant phylum. (2) No meaning ki: It’s difficult to hit, but I think the opponent seems to be.

Knowing a lot of vocabulary makes it easier to convey and convey what you want to say to a particular person. This is an explanation of the true definition of the word ant. Hopefully the above explanations can increase vocabulary insight and knowledge.


The Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI) is an online KBBI created to make it easier to find, use, and read the meaning of words (items / subdivisions).

Unlike other similar websites, we aim for more features such as B. Access speed, simpler interface, suitable for all web browsers such as desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, etc. Display.

KBBI-Online The main database continues to refer to KBBI-Online Edition III, so the content (words and meanings) is protected by the copyright of the Language Development and Development Agency (formerly Language Center) of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

Outside the main data, try to add a new word to get additional information using “external definition” at the end of the meaning or definition.

Hopefully it will be added to the treasures of Indonesian educational references and offer a wide range of benefits. This application is archive-only, so you can continue to use the link that points to this page.

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