Read Charlie Wade 4563-4564 Full Bab
Read Charlie Wade 4563-4564 Full Bab

Read Charlie Wade 4563-4564 Full Bab

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droppbuy.comRead Charlie Wade 4563-4564 Full Bab. The policeman’s words unknowingly clenched everyone, including Lee Yarin. Li Yalin couldn’t help but urge, “Tell me what happened right away.”

The policeman said with a terrifying look. Some people have posted a lot of videos on the internet, and the content of those videos … it’s really horrifying. The internet has completely exploded! “

Li Yalin murmured,” What is the video !? ” The policeman swallowed hard and said, “It’s all about Jamura … … the girl kills … the victim’s face was smeared, but there are still at least 20 victims by other identities. “…”

“What ?!” LiYalin asked silently.

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amura became uncovered to a massive scandal. He became already mentally organized at this point, however he without a doubt didn`t count on that this scandal could be so large!

At this time, his subordinate passed him a cellular telecellsmartphone and stated, “Inspector Li, take a search for yourself…”
Li Yalin took the cellular telecellsmartphone and clicked on certainly considered one among them at random, and simply checked out it for some seconds, his face have become faded Immediately livid, he murmured: “This is in reality a stunning case that has in no way been visible before…”

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