Read Novel Charlie Wade Bab 4465-4466 Full Chapter
Read Novel Charlie Wade Bab 4465-4466 Full Chapter

Read Novel Charlie Wade Bab 4465-4466 Full Chapter

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droppbuy.comRead Novel Charlie Wade Bab 4465-4466 Full Chapter. When Lee Yarin and Usher were making wine, they had already analyzed the situation of the Faye family.

Two speculate that the mysterious man did not kidnap Jamura for money, but publicly executed the Faye family with the world’s attention.
The father and son of the Fay family of Zaki and Yogi were worried about the kidnapping and just didn’t notice.

Therefore, when they heard Li Yalin’s words, they both seemed unbelievable.
His instinct is a bit guilty, especially because Zaki is a little uncertain about how to take the position of head of the family and he is still looking for the whereabouts of his father Jian everywhere. Hearing Lee Yarin’s words, he immediately scolded him.

The Faye family is upright and upright, but what big scandal is the kidnapper catching? You don’t rush to find a way to find a Chinese detective, kidnapper, but come to me to do a nonsense, what is your motive? Are you coming to see our jokes?

Li Yalin shook his head and said seriously. I don’t see jokes.
Li Yalin saw two of them after she spoke. “I think the kidnappers deliberately exposed the scandal that Mr. Faye kissed a girl standing on the street, and then deliberately gave the Faye family a good opportunity to reveal the truth and overturn public opinion.”

Immediately changed the subject. He calmly said, “But it seems like a good opportunity, but it’s actually full of murderous intent. Now the whole world is looking at the kidnapping of Jamura, and of course their eyes are on the flying house.

If the Faye family really has a scandal. If announced at this point, it would be like dropping a nuclear bomb on your flying family! The immortal cannot save you!
Zaki’s face turned red and white.

All always revolved around authorized people. His position as head of the family is shameful, and this issue has become a very sensitive point in his mind.

He felt a little embarrassed and angry because he didn’t look down on himself to get the palace to seize power after hearing Lee Yarin’s candid remarks, so he listened to the second half of Lee Yarin’s words altogether.

He was angry and told Li Yalin: Please come back!

Li Yalin said helplessly, “Mr. Faye, I know you’re a decent person. A decent person loves his face. It’s right to love his face, but you have a face. I don’t love you.

charlie wade bab 4466

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