Read Novel Charlie Wade Bab 4377-4378 Free
Read Novel Charlie Wade Bab 4377-4378 Free

Read Novel Charlie Wade Bab 4377-4378 Free

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droppbuy.comRead Novel Charlie Wade Bab 4377-4378 Free. This is a novel with a very interesting story. Very suitable for you to read.

Of course, apart from being interesting. The charismatic Charlie Wade’s novel also has a very long storyline. So it’s not surprising that loyal readers of Charlie Wade’s novels are always reminded of the stories that follow.

Well, because of the length of the story contained in this Charlie Wade novel. Currently the story has reached chapters 4377-4378.

For those of you who can’t wait for the story part of chapters 4377-4378. Please read the following story:

Novel Charlie Wade Bab 4377-4378

“I originally wanted to find an opportunity to get out of Hong Kong, but the 30 million reward was the biggest secret money in Hong Kong at the time. At that time, the big gangsters on Hong Kong Island fought fiercely to make this money.

We were there, but we shook hands temporarily and sent all of our subordinates to look for them. Even the confused young people in Hong Kong to hear the news and test their luck. I’m here. Desperately, I asked your dad for help … “

” Later, the young Master Bruce flew from East Cliff on a special trip, met Liu, and I I made many sacrifices and concessions before agreeing to keep them alive. I was always very grateful to him and agreed with him. After settling down my family and other matters on Hong Kong Island, I will go to Eastcliff to find him and help him saddle up…”

Speaking of this, Arman sighed: “But I never imagined that the young master bruce died young… After he died, the surnamed Liu immediately turned his face. When I went to pay homage to the young master bruce, he I took out another 30 million secret flowers to buy my life, I had no choice but to escape…”

At this time, charlie couldnt help but ask, “Uncle Arman, what about your first love girlfriend?” Arman laughed at himself and said, “She also came to the United States with me at that time, because we still had some cash at the time, so when we arrived in New York, we would be in the dark here and open such a small restaurant with the money we had on hand, and the income was not bad.

Yes, but its really hard to get up early and stay up late every day. After a long time, she may not be able to adapt to the life here, so when I came back from a parttime job one night, I found that she had left without saying goodbye with her passport.”

charlie really didn`t expect that the end of the story would end like this, and he was speechless for a while.
He originally thought that if Uncle Arman gave up everything, he would finally reap a love for Mananshan, and achieve a story of a lover who ends up as a family.

But I didn’t expect it to be that dark in the end.

Ahman also saw Charlie’s surprise, smiled a little and shrugged, “I can understand what she did. After all, when she was on Hong Kong Island, she had tens of millions of Shi Xundao. I lived in a luxurious villa and came with me. After the United States lived in a basement less than 5 square meters, this kind of dark life is really unacceptable to the general public. “

Charlie nodded and asked, “So did she return to Hong Kong Island?”
Ahman smiled and said, “I

That’s the story of charlie wade’s novel chapter 4377. For the story of chapter 4378, you click here.

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