Charlie Wade Bab 4111-4112 Full Bab
Charlie Wade Bab 4111-4112 Full Bab

Charlie Wade Bab 4111-4112 Full Bab

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droppbuy.comCharlie Wade Chapter 4111-4112 Full Chapter. Charlie Wade’s novel is currently the best-selling novel and also the most popular novel with the highest number of fans to date.

Because charlie wade novels are always present with the latest stories every day. With a story that is no less exciting than the story of the previous chapter. So it’s no wonder that Charlie Wade’s sycharistic novels always make readers curious.

So in our discussion this time. We will present the story of the novel charlie wade with the newest chapter, the story of the novel charlie wade chapters 4111 and 4112. If you are curious, let’s see the following story.

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Novel Charlie Wade Bab 4111-4012

After listening to this, the bladder Zhang Ermao almost don’t want to urinate.

She see the expression on charlie, as if he had been struck by the lightning of fear.

At this moment, he was almost scared to death in his heart, and could not help but ask: “Master wade will do something…the purchase price of the thing destroyed Is not a piece of eight, he sold 18 million…this… this will not end, it will be too late…”

Expression Bernard Elnor like a dog, and he waved his hand in annoyance and said, “no nothing, I beg You to stop insulting my IQ. Leave my room, and if there is trash, take everything, I don’t need it!”

“No need ?”the expression of the charlie suddenly became cold, and he said with a sneer: “it’s really embarrassing, Mr. Elnor, if You do not buy this product from us, You will lose the qualification to participate in this auction . .”

“What?!”Bernard Elno asked angrily:” I have passed the review of the registration of You, and I have paid the registration fee, and I also pay 6 million Cost of the room. What do you have? Eligibility to cancel the qualification of the auction I?”

charlie said Naturally With a Look: “because You do not distribute the goods!”

“Pot items?!”Bernard Elno heard these two words, the whole person has been petrified, and he recovered after a few moments, and vague, “the first time I heard that participating in the auction must match a good thing! This is ridiculous!”

charlie smiled and said, “go to Your store to buy a bag and distribute goods, You don’t need to come to us to buy Huichun Dan?”

Like he Said, he issued the receipt of its consumption and scornful: “come on, look at, go to the store and buy a bag of hundreds of thousands. It is mandatory to allocate one million items, and items were also distributed. Nonsense have not been sold and covered with dust, Our Boss also learn right now and use it, and learn full of business strategy Tn.Elnor.”

Bernard Elnor see a list of shopping his face suddenly more ugly than eating dirt.

Distribution is the rule that have not yet unspoken by the industry of luxury goods. Bernard Ernault have long been familiar with the unspoken rules, and even get a lot of money by relying on the unspoken rules.

But he did not expect that charlie will pick up a set of anti-General today.

In addition, the status of the distribution displayed in the shopping list this is indeed too cheat.

A bag, even with six times the price of the goods, it’s really crazy.

So, he said With a look of shame: “This…this…as far as I know…the quota of the normal distribution is slightly higher than the price the public. The package contains more than 100,000 yuan can be distributed to 200,000 yuan. It was enough, and I don’t know why a million full here … maybe it’s the behavior of the store itself…”

charlie waved his hand: “you don’t need to explain a lot of things. Now Our Boss Only gives You two options: if You want to participate in the auction pill of rejuvenation, You must complete the distribution, if not, we will arrange it for You now. After check out, we will refund all the cost You pay for!”

Bernard Elno quickly said: “Only the industry of luxury goods has the rules of distribution, and the distribution of goods in the industry of luxury goods also move the helpless. The price of the many things that don’t speculate by our brand, but by outsiders. Speculators speculate high, such as watches, Nautilus Patek Philippe, that cost less than 20,000 euros ten years ago, but now the price of the circulation of more than 60,000 Euros, which have several times, and output the brand is also limited, so we can only fill in the price between the public and sell with a selling price to the market. This is a normal situation!”

charlie asked with a smile: “why, even if a piece of Nautilus with hundreds of thousands of dollars is a hot commodity, it should be distributed. What about the pill of rejuvenation we? Two hundred rich people can only take two of them. Isn’t it more sought after than Nautilus? Then it need to be equipped with more stuff like Nautilus, isn’t that right?”

That’s the story of the charlie wade novel chapter 4111 full chapter. To read from the story chapter 4112, you can easily read it by clicking here>>

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