Amazing Son In Law Novel 3775-3776 (Charlie Wade)
Amazing Son In Law Novel 3775-3776 (Charlie Wade)

Amazing Son In Law 3747-3748 Free Full Episodes

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Because the amazing son in law novel has a very long story. So the story is divided into several new episodes that are always updated.

Well, this time we will give or present it for free for all of you, namely.Amazing Son In Law Chapter 3747-3748.

Amazing Son In Law Chapter 3747-3748

When the queen officially announced that he would pass the throne to Helena, Charlie’ve been thinking to go back.

The goal is to come to Northern Europe this time is to support Helena over the throne. Now this goal has been successfully achieved. In addition, he will receive an extra 5 billion euros in cash, which can be said to be far beyond the expectations of the original.

Therefore, he felt that he did not need to continue to live in Northern Europe at this time, so he might as well go back to China last night.

However, at this time, Helena, along with her mother in the hospital, because when mother and daughter meet, his mother Helena, a little too emotional, and she cried a few times until he lost control over himself, and the royal doctor immediately take him. Brought to the medical room for a detailed examination.

After the examination, the doctor ensures the physical condition of the mother Helena. In addition to malnutrition, there is also neurasthenia severe.

According to doctors, the main cause of neurasthenia is panic and fear of this day.

Mom Helena is always worried about the situation Helena, but after he was imprisoned by Olivia, she also worried that she’ll never have the chance to meet her daughter in the future, so she was tortured mentally.

After Charlie decides to go, he said to the queen: “because the issue has been resolved, I will not live in Northern Europe. I also asked the Queen to take care of two families of William and Olivia. I will arrange for someone to come to Northern Europe tomorrow. Pick them up.”

The queen quickly said:”Mr. Wade, it was late at night. You may also rest in the palace first. It’s not too late to leave tomorrow.”

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