Baca Novel Charlie Wade 3615 Sub Indonesia Gratis
Baca Novel Charlie Wade 3615 Sub Indonesia Gratis

Charlie Wade 3601-3602 Gratis

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In this discussion, we will provide information about Charlie Wade’s novel chapter 3601. Which novel has a very interesting story and is very suitable for reading.

The story of the charlie wade novel has a very long storyline. And the story is also divided into several episodes, as in our discussion, namely charlie wade chapter 3601-3602.

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Charlie Wade 3601-3602 Gratis
Charlie Wade 3601-3602 Gratis

Charlie Wade Bab 3601-3602

Jon Wade collapsed completely, and could only wipe away tears as he chased Brenden all the way to the gate.

Charlie said at this time: “Everyone, please move to the main hall, let’s talk about business now!”

The other members of the Wade Family were also helpless at the moment. Even if they were scared in their hearts, they could only follow Charlie’s request to return to the main hall of the villa and continue discussing the ancestor worship ceremony.

It’s just that everyone has been dazed.

Only Charlie, according to the steps that the Wade Family had set before, confirmed step by step with the person in charge, requiring them to do their own work according to the prescribed process, otherwise they would not be severely punished!

Just as Charlie was forcibly leading the Wade Family to complete the ancestor worship ceremony, what happened to the Wade Family just now had spread across Eastcliff.

When one heard that someone brought hundreds of coffins to the Wade Family and killed the Wade Family’s Guardians, the entire Eastcliff family was shocked!

Everyone wanted to know where these people who had entered the Wade Family came from, even the top families in the country didn’t even look at them.

At this time, Salmaan also returned to the old house of the abbot family and reported to the abbot the current situation in the Wade Family.

Abbas sneered and asked him, “According to your observations, are the members of the Wade Family afraid?”

Salman hastily said: “Of course, I am afraid. Most of the members of the Wade Family are so scared that their faces are sour, it’s a matter of peeing in their pants.”

As he said, Salmaan said again: “However, that ugly old man from the Wade Family, and a young junior from the Wade Family who doesn’t know his name, seems to be a bit stubborn, especially that young man. Let me pass it on to you. See you at Wade maner, and I don’t know if he will greet him on his knees in flax and filial piety, or he will lay down his life and be ready to be tough with us.”

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